Remarkably, they owe it to a little seven year old.

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This year, Bonnaroo devised plans to break the world record of the maximum high-fives possible in one hour. Eclipsing the previous record of 2,181 high-fives per hour, a seven year old named Squish has just made that figure look like a joke. Managing 2392 high-fives in under an hour is no easy feet, especially for Squish, who happens to be a seasoned Bonnaroo attendee. Check him out joining HAIM on stage back in 2013

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Donning some pretty cool black shades, it wasn’t a hard task for Squish to turn into the high-five magnet at the festival. He stood on a pedestal at the festival, and even trained hard with his mother to smash the world record.

Breaking world records at festivals seems to be something of a trend. With Electric Forest’s largest group hug and Tomorrowland with their ticket sales. Looks like Bonnaroo jumped (and conquered) onto that bandwagon as well.