With the Bollywood Music Project coming around the corner, listen to some of Amit Trivedi’s best work before his performance.

We like Amit Trivedi, and by like we mean love! He’s all set to take the stage at Asia’s first Bollywood festival, which will take place on the 30th of September and 1st of October. He’s a one-man army; having created music, sung for movies and composed independent material which is incredibly popular and equally impressive. We’ve created the ultimate playlist for all the Amit fans before he takes the stage. So sit back and listen to the awesomeness that is Amit Trivedi.

1. Lagan Lagi

Trishna was a movie that created a lot of buzz, not just because of actor Freida Pinto but also because of the great story and direction. Trivedi composed the music for the soundtrack and this one is really special. With singers like Shreya Ghoshal and Kavita Seth, the song has a sweet whimsical feel to it.

2. Iktara 

The movie was already a hit in the country and was judged the best coming-of-age film in recent times. This song displayed the lead pair’s growing fondness for each other in the most soulful way. His music weaved itself into every word Javed Akhtar had penned down, turning it into a musical experience. We’ve hit the repeat button umpteen times ever since.

3. Tere Liye

He collaborated with singers Sunidhi Chauhan and Jubin Nautiyal for this song about the growing relationship between the actors in the movie. Even though the movie couldn’t hit the box office hard, Amit Trivedi’s music was raved about. What makes it better was that it was based on Great Expectations and Trivedi lived up to it for sure.

4. Zinda

Okay, how beautiful was the location of this movie! The song features Trivedi as the singer and he does absolute justice to the lyrics while singing about melancholy in such a smooth manner, you would think that it’s a love song! This man has powers that we want to make music like this happen all the time.

5. Ishaqzaade 

The title track of this blockbuster was a standout besides the fast beats of Jhalla Wallah. The combination of a gritty movie, with a song that sails along a slow melodious tune; it was perfect to the T. His talent knows no bounds.

6. Pardesi

Dev D was a super hit, both critically and commercially. The song was a fan favourite; but when Trivedi performed a stripped version of the song at MTV Unplugged, people went crazy. He sounds even more phenomenal live! After all, it was his first major Bollywood project and he holds it close to his heart.

7. Badri Badariyan

The composer strikes gold again with this live version of the song in his Coke Studio sessions. The collaboration is unique, right from the singers to the arrangement and everything else. If you have never heard this one before, you need to give it a listen now!

8. Keh ke Lunga

This song starts off with beats that are infectious as hell, giving it a dance-able quality. He sounds so authentically Indian that you are instantly transported to India’s remote villages. Not to mention, he incorporates the story within the song really well. Now here’s a man who can appeal to the masses.

9. Barda Bahaar

Queen was a movie that everyone has seen, even those who rarely opt for a Bollywood trip to the theatre. The story was quirky and the situations appealed to people in more ways than one. This song features in the beginning of the movie and the beats mixed with Indian instruments playing in the background are clever and complimentary. Plus he sounds totally different on it!

10. Bachpan

This song has to be one of the most emotional tracks from the singer. It perfectly explains the sadness of losing a person close to you. The emotion conveyed in the song is so palpable, you can’t help but get swept away by this one. This beauty is from the movie Hunterrr.


If we’ve got you pumped up with just a few tracks, imagine the magnitude of watching him live at Bollywood Music Project. So get your tickets here.