The next best solution if you happen to miss out their live performances.

Nothing beats being at a music festival. The point is not just to watch your favorite artists or bands perform. You want to experience the atmosphere, meet strangers, and have a fantastic time in a rocking crowd.

Unfortunately, there are only so many festivals one person can attend in a year. There are great festivals going on around the world most of the year round, and watching them online can be a lot of fun. It will never live up to the live experience, but it’s a good way to spend an hour or two. Also, there’s no admin involved, aside from subscribing to a VPN that allows you access to geo-restricted content (take a look at VPN reviews to decide which is appropriate for your needs).

Of course, some acts will be better to watch online than others. These are the sort of acts that are great to watch online.

1. Acts that improvise/freestyle

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Some bands are content to play their music so it pretty much sounds the same as the recorded version. These bands are frustrating to watch online, as you could just as well be listening to their album. The sound quality would even be better that way. Unless they’re very interesting on stage (which we’ll get to), it’s no point watching them.

I remember hearing a live version of Counting Crows’ Mr. Jones when I was much younger and being blown away by how different it sounded. So much emotion went into the performance, and Adam Duritz did a lot of interesting stuff with his voice. That’s the sort of act it’s enjoyable to watch live. You get something different from the version you belt out in your car. They give you a new way to enjoy their songs.

2. Acts that make you want to be there

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Being in a crowd at a performance is just about always better. You get to experience an incredible atmosphere, as everyone around you appreciates and dances to songs you love. However, some bands take it to another level. A band I saw at a festival earlier this year turned an old guitar into a massive pipe and passed it around the crowd. Other artists interact with the crowd in different ways. These are the types of acts who make you want to be in the crowd. Watching them online makes you long to be there, but you get to appreciate the experience anyway. It’s second best, of course, but again, we can’t be at every festival.

3. Acts that debut new music

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This is the one category that you may prefer to watch online. Some fans love to hear new music first. But others are frustrated because they have come to belt out the classics that they know by heart. It’s difficult to appreciate new music when you’re hearing it live for the first time (for some people at least).

Watching bands perform new material online is a great compromise. You get to enjoy it and appreciate it without feeling hard done by. You don’t feel like you’ve missed the opportunity to hear some more of your greatest hits.

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