The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are highly rumored right now and we just might get it this year. So we put together the best team for Pokemon Diamond and pearl that will make your gameplay experience even better.

The Pokemon diamond and pearl game are old, but still, the community is actively replaying it. So in the anticipation of the pokemon live event and potential new remakes, many are playing the games again.

Best team for Pokemon diamond and pearl (also platinum)


Hands down the best starter in the Sinnoh region. Evolve your chimchar into a monferno and watch it beat the starting gyms with ease. Infernape becomes really powerful throughout the journey and will carry your team till the Champion Cynthia!


You can get a starly really easily on the route to the main city. Starly evolves into a beast. Staraptor is the best flying type pokemon in Sinnoh and no one even comes closer to its glory. Just teach it brave bird and watch it one hit K.O every pokemon


Most of the Pokemons on this list will be available pretty early in the game. A sginx is available on the same route as starly and it evolves into a Luxray which will be the primary electric type in your party.


The water type choice was a bit harder. As there are many options available. Gastradon would’ve been many players pick. But it is really slow, hence buizel will the better choice.


It should be illegal to have such a strong pokemon. This land shark is available pretty early in the game and you can easily sweep may trainers with it.

Make sure to keep leveling it up. The champion Cynthia has a Garchomp too, and it is Satan reincarnated. Cynthia’s Garchomp is crazy strong and can sweep your entire team by spamming earthquakes.


Umbreon was regarded as the best eveelution till they added a fairy variant. But in the Sinnoh games, Umbreon is superior in every way. Espeon is available too, but Umbreon just performs better.

With this team, you can easily win every battle in the game. If and when we get Diamond and Pearl remakes this team will be great too.

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