Here’s what happens when reporters don’t do their home work.

Aspiring reporters and journalists, this is what you should NOT be doing at an interview. The rest, well, watch these and sit back, enjoy.

1. One simply does not address Tiesto as Markus Schulz.YOU JUST DON’T.


2. Typical Thump content. This time the victims are Frenchman Brodinski and MYD. Reporter Britney takes awkward to another level.


3. Wendy Wiilliams probably has no idea what trance is. She addresses the genre as a ‘type of music’. Poor Armin, ignores it with a smile.  Can’t ignore the love he receives from the crowd present at the show, though.


4. 10 minutes long but worth a watch. Watch how Markus Schulz absolutely dominates the reporter as she addresses ‘Concrete Angel’ as a Markus Schulz track (its actually composed by Gareth Emery) followed by a barrage of unforgivable errors which Markus handles in his very own classy manner.


5. This is the pick of the lot. Kennedy, representing  iHeartRadio annoys the living daylights out of Major Lazer with her brash and cocky sarcasm which really puts off the trio who just performed at Lollapalooza.


Moral of the story : DO YOUR RESEARCH.

As always, The Sherp is looking out for you guys. You’re welcome.