The Bass moment is taking over and here is a look at some of the festivals that are at the forefront.

In lieu of the 10th edition of Bass Camp Music Festival (India’s only bass-heavy music event), and the fact that Mumbai’s very own Bay Beat Collective are going to be glitching out on Outlook Festival’s famous Croatian boat parties, the Sherp thought it only appropriate to investigate the other goings-on in the wider world of bass music.


Outlook Festival

Hosted at an ancient Austro-Hungarian fort in Croatia, Outlook is the largest bass music and soundsystem culture festival in Europe. Featuring the biggest names in genres ranging from electronica, dubstep and reggae to hip-hop, garage and grime – Outlook promises to be a weekend of incredible music, with a landscape to match.

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Creamfield was born out of the desire to provide electronic fans with a worthy large-scale outdoor event to call their own, and it has certainly lived up to the ambitions of its founders. This festival has gone on to become the most popular and renowned open-air electronic music festival in the world, and is now held in over 15 venues across the globe.

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Weird Bass Music Festival

Held on a beautiful private farm in Tennessee, Weird is a three-night, multi-stage camping festival that brings you the best of dubstep, drum and bass, trap, electro house, moombahton and glitch-hop. If you’re already itching to get Weird, head to this boutique festival in June – where the mood is light, and the bass heavy.

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Earth Frequency Festival

Earth Freq is a gathering of DJs, artists, healers, visionaries and intellectuals – all who come together in the beautiful Australian outdoors to indulge in a weekend of connection, intention, and inspiration. This festival has been running since 2006 and is now one of the biggest events in Australia, with many leading bass music acts and producers in attendance.

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Sun and Bass

Heading into its tenth year, Sun and Bass has annually proven that it’s an ideal holiday venue for drum and bass enthusiasts. With the beautiful island of Sardinia as a backdrop, and with world-class artists performing at local clubs, bars and on the stunning beaches – there is nothing that could be lacking.

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