At the low price of INR 2999, no other festival comes close to offering the same avant-garde experience as Vh1 Supersonic does.

We had our minds blown off when Vh1 Supersonic dropped the bomb, out of the blue, about a sensational flash sale which is now liveWhile there were discussions about the price point, seeing as last year the flash sale tickets were priced at a modest INR 1500, the Sherp tells you why you must purchase your cheapest way into Vh1 Supersonic 2018 and you cannot afford to miss it.

To start the discussion, let’s just say that the ticket prices will never be this low again! EVER! This literally is your best chance of scoring those Vh1 Supersonic tickets as prices during the final phase may easily be 180-200% more expensive! Now you don’t want to regret not purchasing the good stuff while it lasted, do you?

INR 2999 for a whole festival experience doesn’t seem too far-fetched, does it? And did we mention that the price is for the whole deal – all 3 days! And it’s all inclusive of taxes+GST too! Breaking the number down, the whole experience comes at a mere cost of INR 1000 per day! Seeing as it is the Vh1 Supersonic experience that a person gets to witness it sure is an opportunity that cannot be passed on. So get them right here without wasting another second.

So far, Vh1 Supersonic exceeded our expectations with the announcement of their first two headliners, Major Lazer and the surprise entry of alt-J for the new live stage launched this year by Vh1 Supersonic. It’s only time until we see how many more artists do they announce and if there’s going to be a balance between the number of EDM and live artists, or if it will lean towards the usual EDM dominated side.

The inclusion of live acts this year has led everyone to believe that a dedicated and fabulous live stage is in order. Over the years headliners have rocked the main stage, which by default will make its return this year, and a grand stage, like the Iron Heart Stage, may be revealed. With the rising number of headliners and now the launch of indie/rock music into Vh1 Supersonic’s roster, could there be more additional stages this year? The Sherp takes a guess in telling you that seeing as the number of stages increase this year, the festival may for the first time host 6 star studded headliners across the stages. Be it as it may, Vh1 Supersonic looks to be set for a grand edition in 2018.

Last year, Vh1 Supersonic set the bar with an exceptional display of why the festival is one of the best festival experiences in India in the true sense. With the inclusion of the new live stage and a number of live acts this year, Vh1 Supersonic will up the ante in 2018.

What more can you get out of the 3 elaborately supersonic days at Vh1 Supersonic 2018?

Remember The Vibrant Flea Market From Last Year?

Well, the flea market is back again for sure, and there’s so much of colour to look at, so many trinkets we must have, and just a whole load of heart-satisfying shopping to do!

Women’s Safety


Vh1 Supersonic lays great importance on security at the festival and where the question arises as to how safe are women at a festival, Vh1 Supersonic stands at the forefront of being one of the safest music festivals for women to attend.

Overall Experience

Known for the insane lineup Vh1 Supersonic puts up each year, it is expected that the music this year with its mixed bag of genres will be beyond comparison. Taking place at Laxmi Lawns in Pune on February 9, 10, 11 in 2018, Vh1 Supersonic is an absolute must-attend.

A killer lineup featuring Major Lazer and alt-J thus far, and a flash sale going on right now exclusively on BookMyShow, Vh1 Supersonic has everyone pent up on energy!

Make sure you make your way to Vh1 Supersonic 2018, and get your flash sale tickets at the steal price of just INR 2999! 

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