The underground music project has a new home – your toilet.

‘Flush’ing the Boiler room aside, there is a brand new project on the horizon called the Toilet Room. And as self explanatory as it sounds – yes, it is a boiler room session organized within an actual toilet.

We’re still not sure about the seriousness of this initiative, but it seems to have been initially incepted as a parody directed towards the underground project. A few Sydney based DJ’s stumbled upon this strange idea but it looks like they’re actually going to attempt to make this a new trend.

The inaugural session of the ‘Toilet Room’ was administered by UK’s Paleman on the decks. It’s also up on YouTube, check below :

The Toilet Room aims at being the next big portal for the finest DJ’s & producers. The Sherp loves the quirky, fun & craziness quotient attached with this ‘evolved’ version of the Boiler Room. Let’s hope this paves a way for more & more talent to be showcased. Good job mates!

A gig inside a toilet, Haha who would’ve thought?

Damn. Let’s see how this unfolds.