You heard that right! There are festivals featuring some of the best things in life: cold beer, hot bacon and live music!

So dreams do come true. Apparently there’s a new trend in the good ol’ U.S. of A for beer and bacon festivals. These festivals celebrate the country’s favourite beverage along with their all time favourite snack and breakfast accompaniment. It really doesn’t get any more American than this and with such goodies on the menu, we can’t really complain.


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The first festival is the Beer, Bacon & Music Festival presented by the Island Rec Center. Held in South Carolina, the festival has been developed by the Island Recreation Association to benefit the Association’s Children’s Scholarship Fund to ensure that no child is denied recreational activities. The festival is scheduled to be held on May 2.


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The Beer Bacon Music Festival will be held in Frederick, Maryland on May 21. The festival features a whopping 99+ types of beer on tap, a 2 ton all-you-can-eat Roast House Pub Bacon Bar, live bands, a gamezone and several unique vendors, including food trucks, to shop from.


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