The Sherp picks the top 10 art installations from Burning Man over the years.

Every year, against the backdrop of the beautiful Black Rock Desert in Nevada comes alive a festival that speaks to every aspect of the human psyche through its mind-blowing music and art installations. Thousands of people and enthusiasts come together to create Black Rock City – an ethereal place with a destitute setting that focuses solely on art, self-expression and community.

Honestly, these pictures hardly do their beauty justice. I guess you just have to be there.

Regardless, here’s The Sherp’s compilation of the best art installations at Burning Man over the last few years:


1. The Burning UFO

The ‘Man’ burns right on top of a UFO-looking art piece.

2. The Fire-Breathing Octopus

Trust an installation at Burning Man to include a giant mollusc breathing fire.

And to add extra flavor to the theme, is a wrecked ship in the background.

3. The Mirror Drop

What we have here is something we’re not sure we can explain. A water droplet made with giant mirrors? Apart from the obvious art aesthetics, this piece probably doubled as a vanity mirror for all those festival goers.

4. The Dragon

This beautiful picture, taken by an obviously talented person personifies the giant wooden dragon’s yearning to follow the sun.

5. The Enlightened Woman

Followers and enthusiasts of the Hindu religion would call this – a woman doing the ‘Surya Namaskar’.

6. L.O.V.E

A simple yet powerful art installation that reinstates the power and importance of love.

7. The Psy Vase

Obviously appealing to people who have an eye for the psychedelic.

8. Metal Skeletal

A pretty grim yet brilliant art installation, that fits it’s equally grim background.

9. The Abandoned Church

A superb piece of a desolate and broken down church, with obvious ‘what-is-the-point-of-religion’ undertones attached to it.

10. Giant Steam Engine + Castle?

We don’t know. We just love it.


Watch this beautiful video that captures the major art installations of this year during the day time: