An image leaked on Bassnectar’s website hinting at his own festival in 2016, and it’s probably going to be in Colorado!

Bassnectar’s website organised a contest, much like Willy Wonka, where some chocolates had golden tickets hidden inside them. The leaked image spoke about camping, and weekend VIP passes to “Bass Nectar 2016”, and it had people going crazy. Although the image has been taken down, it was up long enough for people to see it and spread the word.


More recently, according to an email from the Colorado Tourism Department, there’s going to be a new, undisclosed music festival in the state. And a couple of months ago, Bassnectar put out a tweet talking bout an event in Colorado in 2016! So fans are now putting two-and-two together, and although nothing is confirmed, we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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