Sunburn Goa is bringing a wide spectrum of great artists to us this year. Take a look at the underground artists from their expansive lineup.

From Seth Troxler to Juliet Sikora, there are many layers to Sunburn Goa’s 2015 lineup. With some seriously underrated electronic musicians that successfully blend the genre of dance music with alternative soundscapes, here’s a look at some of the underground artists that will light up the stages at Sunburn Goa this month.


1. Seth Troxler

Techno maven and American DJ/producer, Seth Troxler has garnered much of a following in the last couple of years. From being a intriguing newbie in the scene to a self-anointed spokesperson of the underground electronic scene, Troxler has come a long way in a short amount of time. You can listen to some of his music here and his latest collaboration with Phil Moffa “Blue Rawls” below.


2. Art Department

Art Department is an electronic music group from Canada. With hits like “We Call Love”, and “Cruel Intentions” the group has made a distinguished name for themselves in the electronic music scene. They’re received much critical acclaim for their underground/experimental sound with complex undertones, especially their 2010 album The Drawing Board, which received a rating of 7.3 on Pitchfork.

3. Tube & Berger

Tube & Berger is a deep house/electronica duo from Germany, as well as the alias of  producers Arndt Rörig and Marco Vidovi. Known best for their chart-topping hit “Straight Ahead”, Tube & Berger work deep into the heart of electronic underground to produce relatively unique sounds. Listen to some of their music here and “Staight Ahead” below for a glimpse of what their set at Sunburn will be like.

4. P.A.C.O.

Having spent most of his childhood in Africa, P.A.C.O.’s influences range from traditional African music to soul and disco. Signed with Kittball Records, P.A.C.O. has released an EP titled Greyjoy so far, which displays his diverse influences best. You can listen to it here. Check out more of P.A.C.O.’s music below to get in the right zone for Sunburn later this month.

5. Juliet Sikora 

Juliet Sikora is an underground house DJ/producer from Holland. Signed with Kittball Records, Juliet is a relatively new artist in the electronic music scene. Having produced the track “Come On Now (Set It Off)” with Kittball colleagues Tube & Berger, Juliet is just starting to gain some international fame. Listen to some of her music here, and below.


6. Maher Daniel

San Francisco born Canadian DJ/producer Maher Daniel has been gaining substantial recognition in the past few years in the techno and house scene. With his remix of Tone Depths ‘’Rumblefish’’ which sat at No.1 for over two and a half months on the techno charts and his EP 3rd Time Is A Charm, Daniel is gaining more recognition every day. Listen to some of his tracks here.



Henri Hurtig, known popularly as Cid Inc, is a progressive house DJ and producer. He is also famous for some of his blisteringly strong productions on labels such as microCastle, Manual Music, Perspectives Digital, Sudbeat and Lost & Found. We’re extremely excited for the underground brilliance Cid Inc will bring to Sunburn this month. Listen to his track “Say No More” below.



PAJI is a German Dj/producer famous for his advanced electronic music and live acts. PAJI’s live sets include influences from various classical instruments, particularly the violin. PAJI combines this skill with his ability to produce colorful electronic music and causes special sounds moments for his audience.