All hail the arrival of Bass Camp.

One of the longest-running electronic music festivals in the country that showcases bass music, Bass Camp will travel to 10 cities for its 16th edition. In addition to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Pune and Kolkata, Bass Camp will travel to Shillong, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Guwahati for the first time. More the merrier, right?

The 10-city festival will be split up into three legs:

1) November 30th-December 2nd in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

2) December 2nd-December 9th in Shillong, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Guwahati.

3) Dates for Goa and Kolkata are yet to be announced.

Bristol-based producer and label owner, Om Unit, and Berlin-based Kutmah, will be headlining the first leg. Om Unit, who will be playing in India for the first time, is known for his own unique spin on music that spans across his various influences – hip-hop, dubstep, ambient, jungle and footwork. Kutmah has been credit as being one of the most influential DJs of the beat movement by Flying Lotus. He will be travelling to India for his second tour, after playing at Magnetic Fields in 2015.

Bass Camp has done wonders to the bass music culture in India. Every year they bring down the hottest names associated with the genre from across the globe. Founded in February 2010, Bass Camp is India’s first, and only bass heavy electronic music festival, promoting forward-thinking electronic music like drum ’n bass, dubstep, glitch hop and more.

“The idea behind Bass Camp was always to push and encourage the sound and culture of bass music in India, and over the years we have always tried to introduce new elements and acts,” says Bass Camp director and founder of Krunk, Sohail Arora. “Bass Camp 2017 is our biggest ever edition with big names and it has only been possible because of the small but loyal following that bass music has managed to eke out in this country. This year, apart from biggies like Om Unit and Kutmah, we want to showcase MCs, which are an integral part of the soundsystem culture,” he adds.

Check out the schedule below to prepare yourself well in advance:

Gig details

City: New Delhi

Date: November 30th

Day: Thursday

Venue: Auro



City: Bangalore

Date: December 1st

Day: Friday

Venue: The Humming Tree



City: Mumbai

Date: December 2nd

Day: Saturday

Venue: Khar Social &antiSOCIAL



City: Pune

Date: December 3rd

Day: Sunday

Venue: Unwind



Other cities

Shillong: December 2nd

Hyderabad: December 8th

Chandigarh: December 9th

Guwahati: December 9th

Goa: TBA

Kolkata: TBA

You can follow Bass Camp’s Facebook page and Bass Camp’s Event pages. And stay tuned to the Sherp for more exciting details.