We’re so looking forward to this. 

When news of the highly anticipated collaboration between Badshah and Major Lazer hit, fans were filled with excitement. Badshah will be one of the three artists collaborating with the legends as part of the Tuborg Open campaign.

As Badshah and Major Lazer both operate in two different worlds, with different styles of music it’s really cool to see this become a reality and the artists actually come together. However, the trio does plan on keeping the collaboration quite basic. Here’s what Diplo had to say about the Tuborg Open campaign:

 “As a producer I’d like a person who is open in spite of creativity; my idea is to change production for each person. It is better to make something very basic because each person will be involved and it will be better not to get complicated. It’s going to be the same back beat for all of the artists to work on, which is very exciting. Our collaborators are gonna add production, or maybe take it away, but we all agreed the beat we made had to be open to interpretation.  And it’s very open-ended, but it sounds like a Major Lazer song.  We’re just excited to see what people are gonna do with it.”

Badshah added:

“They have given me an opportunity to express the main beat sonically as well as vocally which is amazing. There is going to be lot of influence and this not going to be there for namesake. It is actually going to be very organic. They would be expecting some Indian element obviously as I am an Indian and so as an Indian it will be my duty to represent the country and infuse it with the sound of Major Lazer. It will be very universal I think they will be expecting Indian music into Major Lazer sound with my vocals in it.” 

Check out this video of Badshah & Major Lazer in the studio: