The Festival, which is about to head to Hyderabad and Pune, has disclosed Wilson’s setlist.

Steven Wilson, who rocked the crowd at Shillong last night, is ready to take the stage again in Pune on 3rd December. For those of you who enjoy a little heads up, we’ve provided the setlist below, Be advised, this tour still has an entire month to go.

While whoever attended the gig last night complained saying that he didn’t play ‘Don’t Hate Me’, NH7’s Facebook page quickly reverted by stating, “It was there in the printed setlist but he didn’t play it! Don’t hate us :)”

Lets hope he plays the track in Pune. Below is the photo posted by NH7 Weekender in which Wilson is shown displaying his skills at Shillong:

Credits: Facebook- NH7 Weekender

Check out his video titled “The Raven That Refused To Sing”, one of his most innovative and well received album. Each song in the album is based on a story on the supernatural.

If you missed watching Wilson at Shillong you have one more chance to see him, so what are you waiting for grab your tickets here.