We picked out an assorted list of 10 tracks by artists in the Indian music scene to get your groove on!

Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing an increasingly talented group of individuals make their mark in the Indian music scene. With the advent of gaining better platforms for performing and showcasing their art to audiences, these artists are getting more and more motivated to put out more and more amazing content by the day.

The artists in the current music scene have been experimenting with a wide range of genres and not conforming to a fixed style of music. That is where the creativity emerges from! We take a look at 10 amazing tracks that will definitely get your body moving!

1. Malfnktion – Long Distance/Runner – Sam Gellaitry/Carmack [FNK mix]

We have good reason to start out the list with Adi Alamuru aka Malfnktion, who has been stirring up waves in the past few months. The Mumbai-based producer is a beat master and cooks up some sick tunes on the decks. Listen to the above mashup he released a few days back and judge for yourself.

2. Su Real & Sid Vashi – Season (SV Edit) 

Su Real is riding high on the success of his recent album ‘Twerkistan’. But even back in the day, he possessed some serious mixing and sampling skills. The vocal chops on the above track that he made with Sid Vashi stands as a testament to the fact that versatility runs through them!

3. SickFlip – Desert Bae

Sarvesh Shrivastava is no stranger to the Indian bass music scene. Over the years, he has built his repertoire by proving his mettle in some finely produced EPs like his recent ‘The Ladakh Project‘. ‘Desert Bae‘ sees him drop some serious bass-fused tunes with some Indian elements. The song is a sure-fire dance floor destroyer!

4. Kumail – Cry (feat. Gaya)

Kumail is a name that is known in the underground circuit for his deeply bass-laden and ambient soundscapes. ‘Cry‘ sees him mash-up some beautiful sounds with the haunting vocals of Gaya and some sick snare kicks and bass. You need to see him live at least once!

5. Sandunes – Slybounce ft. Nicholson

Sandunes aka Sanya Ardeshir is a musical maestro. She just released her new album ‘Downstream‘ which was the talk of the town. But earlier on too, she had the chops to create some amazing funky tunes which would make a typical music lover fawn over her creations. ‘Slybounce’ is a huge example of how well she can mold the simplest sounds to create something so catchy!

6. GURBAX – Ain’t No Sunshine (Remix) 

Kunaal Gurbaxani aka GURBAX has admitted this track is something that has meant the world to him. The classic Bill Withers track has been on the receiving end of many epic remixes and this one definitely joins that list for obvious reasons! He turned the melodious soul song into a bass driven monster! And we mean that in a good way!

7. Big City Harmonics – Ennio

Rohan Hastak a.k.a. Big City Harmonics (props to the cool name) came out with his first album 3 years back. The album saw him dabbling in different genres to create some brilliantly diverse tracks. But ‘Ennio‘ has to be the standout song. The track sees his mix in some guitars, funky sax and a brilliant drum progression. Although we’ve picked only one, we urge you to listen to all his songs from the album.

8. Nanok – Twins Feat. Avinash Vora

Nanok has been one of the biggest names in the disco genre. His tunes boast of a high funk value. His album ‘Death By Shoelaces‘ released back in 2014 and had some strong genre-bending material. We’ll leave you to  judge the talent that he possesses.

9. B.R.E.E.D – Stuck In A Dream

The song starts out with some peaceful piano keys and ghostly vocals before it transcends into a complete bass maniac. The bass-heavy hook with minimal vocals in the back works wonderfully. The track is a complete reminder of what the underground bass music scene was constructed of in the past few years. Old is still gold!

10. Malfnktion – Hindustani Rascal

We couldn’t help ourselves and just had to include this track by Malfnktion. He has mastered the art of taking Indian samples and giving it the Malfnktion treatment to create some chopped up and funky beats. ‘Hindustani Rascal‘ has the potential to make the laziest of people get up and start moving. 02:30 is probably the BEST part!