Before we could even take in the news, the Swedish House Mafia rumors have already been shot down!

An innocuous tweet on Axwell’s profile blew up and led people to believe that SHM might probably be reuniting again! No longer had speculations and assumptions started forming, Axwell just took to Twitter to denounce any news and rumors of Swedish House Mafia coming back together again!

The fake screenshot had the letters “AIA” leading people to believe that it stood for Axwell, Ingrosso and the biggest assumption of all- Alesso. The date given on the picture as well was 3/26/2017. This date as many people figured matched with the Sunday of March 26th next year- which perfectly lined up with the Ultra Music Festival!

Considering the promptness of everyone believing the news, even the manager for Alesso^Ingrosso and Alesso – Amy Thomson, expressed her displeasure towards the news that was being relentlessly shared.

Sigh. Guess SHM is never happening ever again after all.