OFF. the. GRID is about to make a pivotal change in the making of music festivals.

With massive music festivals, comes a massive amount of waste. Especially festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury & Tomorrowland that cater to a crowd of over 100,000 attendees with each edition. Melbourne’s humble music festival OFF. the. GRID is here to make a change.

True to its name, OFF. the .GRID will truly take the festival off the grid. The festival will feature a five meter high, solar powered stage, which will incorporate energy storage to power the entire party. All profits garnered from this festival will be donated to a renewable power station in Melbourne itself, and the revenue will be used to fund the next edition of the festival. This plan seems pretty tight, we can’t wait to see how the organizers execute it.

“We are doing our very best to connect technology with art to speed up this future that we believe in so deeply,” say the organizers. The festival takes place in December. The lineup features Wax’o ParadisoSilent Jay + Jace XL, Prequel, and more. Watch the trailer of the festival below. Keep tabs for more news.