From yawn-alongs to a quiet pet contest, the Quiet Festival embraces everything lazy, silent, and serene.

Sponsored (fittingly) by the National Association of tired People (NAP), the Quiet Festival is happening in Ocean City, New Jersey on November 13 to 15. The event celebrates everything subdued and calm, as a getaway for people tired of the ‘hectic pace of modern life, the noise, confusion, speed and to foster a greater appreciation for natural things.’

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Alongside activities like paper airplane-making, pin drops, bubble appreciation and cloud inspection, the festival also has a performance by the world’s only Wind Chimes Band. A Quiet Pet Contest was added two years ago, and it welcomes all gerbils, turtles, hamsters, rabbits, white mice and even chickens if they possess the appropriate temperament. For all the quiet pets that wish to compete, there is a Lettuce Speed-Eating Contest, and the title of Best Snoozer up for grabs. There are also categories judged based on their costumes, displays, personalities and beauty.

The sixth annual Snore at the Shore is one of the much awaited activities at the Quiet Festival. It will challenge people’s ability to imitate quiet snoring in keeping with the sleepy, laid back, personality of the festival. There are also performances by quiet singer Nancy Fox, quiet pirate Doug Jewell and even the American Sign Language Club of OC High School!

On the last day of the festival, people are left to enjoy the silence on their own, and can ‘fly a kite, take a reflective walk, inspect the clouds, give their dog a tummy rub, stroll the board-walk and in the night, sit back to enjoy the moon and stars.’ It’s the laziest, quietest getaway anyone can ask for.

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