Sea ‘N Beats has been cancelled quite abruptly. Find more details below.

The Sherp reported earlier this year that Australia was to have its very first cruise ship festival. Sea ‘N Beats was to be Australia’s answer to festivals like Holy Ship and Groove Cruise. With seven stages, three days and four nights of relentless music, this ship showed no signs of sinking. Maintaining the spirit of an adventurous voyage, this party machine was set to cruise from Brisbane to a “mystery island” where more insanity was promised.


Unfortunately, the organizers released this statement on Facebook recently:

“Australia’s first cruise ship Festival, Sea ‘N Beats, announces with regret the cancellation of their March 5-8, 2016 event.

Whilst every possibility in the hope of proceeding with Australia’s first cruise ship festival has been looked at, ultimately all parties involved concluded that conducting a music festival at sea comes with challenges that could not be overcome.

We believe that the most appropriate decision was to not continue with the event. All ticket buyers have been individually contacted via email and a full refund offered.”

As vague as this may seem, the cancellation seems final. The festival is issuing refunds for all those who bought tickets. Stay tuned to The Sherp for more news.