Australia to launch their first cruise ship music festival in March 2016.

When you hear cruise ship, you probably think of an uber-relaxing getaway that involves a lot of sun bathing. We have nothing against sun-bathing, but festivals like Holy Ship and Groove Cruise have redefined the idea of cruise ships for us and Australia is more than ready to jump on that bandwagon. Or rather, cruise ship.


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Sea ‘N Beats is here to beat all other sea-based music festivals. With seven stages, three days and four nights of relentless music, this ship shows no signs of sinking. Also, maintaining the spirit of an adventurous voyage, this party machine will cruise from Brisbane to a “mystery island” where more insanity is promised.


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Alas, there is yet another year for this festival to launch. The line-up however, said to feature some of the best Australian electronic and dance acts, is to be announced mid-March. Stay tuned, and we’ll take care of the rest.