Netrani Scuba Diving Festival is an initiative by the Government of Karnataka and is organised by Finkick Adventures, and will be held from January 6-7th.

With the New Year already on a roll, what better way to rejoice than by kicking back and exploring the underwater and for absolutely free. The Netrani Scuba Diving Festival encourages you to come be a part of their underwater journey and once you know what they’re about, there’s no way you can say no!

Held on-ground at a little fishing village called Murudeshwar in Karnataka, and at the heart-shaped Netrani Islands, the festival is an initiative in promoting scuba diving as a means for conservation and sustainability, and to give back to the local fishing communities by cultivating tourism in the area. The festival is open to all above the age of 10, and is open to visitors for free as well.

To partake in the underwater zone activities, you can book your tickets here for INR 5500.

In addition to diving, snorkeling, underwater hockey and introduction to free-diving, attendees can look forward to water sports, beach football, spike-ball, film screenings, music, food and more. Those interested in contributing to a cause can also take part in the beach cleanup drives. The event is the perfect opportunity to explore and learn about the local culture and witness the spectacular local aqua life. Everyone can bring their diving gears or get diving masks, fins, or dive computers. There is a good review of dive watch collection on by James Hampton-Smith.

The location is situated 8 hours from Bangalore & Mysore, 5 hours from Goa, 3 hours from Mangalore, 10 hours from Pune and about 12 hours from Mumbai, and can be reached both by road or by air with the nearest airport being at Mangalore, 137 km from Murudeshwar.

Among the attractions open to the free visitor zone are – Photography Exhibition, Talks & Seminars, Spikeball, Beach football, Film Screenings, and so much more!

Check out the festival schedule below:

Do not miss out on this aqua-amazing weekend of thrills, and book your tickets here, or make your way there for free!

To check out some of the local stay options, head here.

Find more information on their website and Facebook event page.

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