The recently held Bedstock Festival aimed to spread awareness about and support children with cancer and other illnesses whose conditions have caused them to be bed-ridden; the artistes participated in the day-long festival on December 2 by uploading videos of their ‘in-bed’ performances on social media

Although many music festivals today are disabled-friendly, the sad truth is that most of these events can be enjoyed only by people that enjoy good health and mobility. Ensuring that the festival experience becomes more inclusive, MyMusicRx (which is part of Children’s Cancer Association, Portland, USA) came up with the idea of organising an event, which, albeit online, will be designed keeping in mind children that are suffering from illnesses that have caused them to be bed-ridden. As part of Bedstock 2014, many musician, duos and bands participated by performing from their beds.


Here are some of the videos from the festival:

Mark Forster of Foster The People