Trance finds its ultimate crusader in Armin Van Buuren leading the expert troupe of A State of Trance. Now brought to Mumbai on the 6th of June by Sunburn, it’s time you knew the brilliant crew behind it!

A State of Trance is heading to Mumbai for a second leg, and we very well remember what a blast their last tour was. Live trance mega events that take place every 50th episode of Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance radio show,  there is obvious excitement over the upcoming 700th episode! The crew for their India tour has been announced and we’re expecting yet another cracker for the concert. But before we do, how about you guys got acquainted with the various artists behind the name? Let The Sherp help you!

1. Armin Van Buuren

A name that obviously needs no introduction, as it stands almost synonymous to trance music around the world. Having founded the ‘A State of Trance’ radio show that propelled him to the centre of universal trance scene, he has since made it a worldwide tour phenomenon. There is little to wonder why Armin is counted as one of the most influential DJs in the world. Not only has he helped push trance to electronic music’s centrestage, but is also a highly followed musician. He is celebrated the world over as a flag-bearer to trance music due to his dedication to his weekly A State Of Trance radio program, and its exponentially popular worldwide phenomena.


2. Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate are probably contemporary progressive trance’s legends at the moment with their popularity having reached insurmountable heights. Especially, their new found melodic trance framework has found takers by the thousands. This German duo, including Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems, know just the right manner to get the crowd going and are hence a brilliant addition to the ASOT Mumbai line-up. Far from being young amateurs peddling with hard trance, they’re not a veteran force to reckon with.


3. Ørjan Nilsen

Perhaps one of Norway’s finest trance export in many years, Ørjan Nilsen is in many ways, at his deserving coveted spot, rubbing shoulders with the most incredible trance talent. What has momentously given him an edge above everyone else is his extremely groovy style that gets all kinds of people moving. His relentless work in the trance music scene coupled with regular releases of his tracks have catapulted him to stardom! One to check out, this.


4. Simon Patterson

Known as the “master craftsman of melancholic melody and the purveyor of razor sharp edges”, Simon Patterson’s music often justly follows this grand reputation. He achieved mainstream success as part of the trance musical duo Dogzilla, which commands a major cult following among electronic music lovers. This British producer has created a major fan base that commanded him at the 28th position among the world’s DJs. He’d be someone to look out for!


5. Super8 & Tab

This trance music duo comprising of Miika Eloranta (Super8) and Janne Mansnerus from Finland are an absolute riot with their live acts. Which is a no brainer, when it comes to their inclusion in the ASOT set up! These emerging DJs in the last ten years have created a commendable name for themselves in the field of trance music.

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