Amsterdam Dance Events is all set to take over the world.

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the largest electronic club-based fest and conference in the world and it will be going down on the 18th to 22nd October this year. With around 375,000 national and international visitors expected, the 22nd edition of ADE is going to be banging! In addition to the night programmes, the day programmes have also been growing rapidly every year.

With an extensive program in Mumbai, India and showcases at SXSW, in Austin, USA; ADE plans to take over the world! Thanks to this international expansion, the organizers are bringing the vibes to music fans all over!

What’s even better is that, from the 23rd to the 25th of February, ADE Global Sessions will enable Mumbai fans to interact with top artists through interactive Q&A’s, exclusive industry discussions, networking & speed dating sessions, strategy meetings as well as master classes. How awesome is it that ADE are trying to connect cultures from every corner of the world!


Another achievement for this festival is its complete dedication to sharing and shedding light on the sheer musical talent from the Netherlands! According to Richard Zijlma, the director of ADE, “The Dutch creative industry has a strong global reputation, and represents an (export) value of billions, partly thanks to the dance scene. Through our international activities we intend to increase that value and create a springboard for Dutch talent.” 

He also spoke about why Amsterdam is the ideal place to hold an electronic music festival, “Amsterdam is the centre of the global electronic music scene during ADE, a hotbed for cultural and technological innovation. It’s amazing to see that thousands of delegates and music enthusiasts are spending more and more time in the city each year.” 

Last year, ADE was such a massive success that it played host to almost 1000 events in 140 venues over 5 days, attracting more than 375,000 visitors. Now, that’s what we call a hit! Book your tickets for this year’s edition here.

ADE even made time to follow the stories of four professional artists. Watch it below: