The three-day event was as insightful as it was entertaining. 

The weekend that went by was indeed an interesting one for two sets of people – those who thrive in the business of music and live entertainment and those who are aspiring to become musicians themselves. These two categories of attendees found common ground at the second edition of the ADE Global Sessions Mumbai. Right from 23rd night to 25th night, revellers got their chance to indulge in the best of discussions, masterclasses and music at an assortment of venues around the city. The mastermind behind the operations was none other than Mr. Shailendra Singh, along with his initiative Guestlist4Good. ADE also co-presented India’s Biggest Guestlist Club Festival.

With a wide mix of attendees from the country and abroad, networking was the key motive for most present. After all, it’s not often that you can walk up to an industry expert or renowned musician and strike up a conversation at ease. Two features helped this cause in the best way possible. Firstly, every attendee (speaker, non-speaker, organiser) was presented with a neck tag that made it easier for identification. Secondly, a special evening session termed ‘Networking Drinks’ gave everybody an hour to catch up with each other without interrupting an ongoing session.

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The ADE Global Sessions Mumbai kick-started with the customary DJ Cook Off at Summerhouse Café that saw a number of top names participate and cook up some really delicious grub.

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Todi Mills played host to the day-time programmes of the event. While Barking Deer held registration and inquiry counters, Summerhouse Café and Café Zoe laid out a comfortable setting for the talks and discussions. Renowned names from the music and live event scene in India and the world (we cannot even begin to take names) came together with interactive sessions that covered a range of topics, right from one-on-ones’ with big names in the industry to a panel of experts who took us through their experiences and expertise. Café Zoe also held a fascinating display of DJ equipment from their sponsors ‘Pioneer’ which gave everyone the chance to test its impressive state-of-the-art features.

Todi Social was the masterclass hub and by far the coolest place we’ve ever taken lessons at. DJ’s shared the little secrets that help them put together those killer tracks they are known for.

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Check the three-day schedule below to know exactly what we are talking about:

The after party schedule at ADE Mumbai was completely off the hook. Several venues all across the city hosted parties that were packed with ADE attendees and others.

All in all, people did take away a lot of new learnings in a way that didn’t seem to heavy to consume over two days. Insightful talks on the Indian nightlife, the festival culture in India and abroad, the growing underground and hip-hop scenes in India and social media in a nutshell, were just some of the highlights of the three-day event. India’s Biggest Guestlist Club Festival took music lovers on an unforgettable dance trip; a much-needed scene after a day of paying rapt attention.

Until next time, ADE!