Behold The Labyrinth Festival, a Japanese techno weekender like no other

When it comes to unique music festivals, you’d be surprised by where they pop up. Take for example, The Labyrinth Festival. Hidden away on a grassy mountainside in Niigata, Japan the event is dedicated to featuring the best and brightest techno and experimental artistes. Organised and run by American national Russ Moench, everything about Labyrinth promises to display perfection and attention to detail. Artistes and live performers are carefully picked out with its sound system (The Funktion-One) being exemplary. For Labyrinth, quality always precedes quantity, as the two-day event features one stage with a flawless line-up that will leave any techno enthusiast floored.

We cannot stress enough on how perfect the venue is for the music and vibe. Over the past ten years, attendees from all over the world and Japan have been to a festival that is held HERE:



“Great things are done when men and mountains meet, This is not done by jostling in the street.”


The festival that took place over last weekend, featured a fantastic roster of techno and live artistes like Donato Dozzy, Phonaut, John Osborn and Kangding Ray (Live).


Kangding Ray (Live) turned out to the crowd favourite as proved by the caption of this picture – “Kangding Ray’s live set last night utterly dismantled my brain.”


The mission statement of Labyrinth Festival reads, ‘To open our heads. With a hammer of sound.’ We’re pretty sure it hit the spot.


What else the statement should have mentioned? How blowing giant air-bubbles can be the highlight of your Labyrinth experience


Days spent in the Naeba Greenland can be as beautiful as the night


Here’s what this year’s campsite looked like, nestled between the hills.


We just love the quaint little tents lit up in the night.


Plus, there were a whole lot of artsy aesthetics to accompany the music

Along with the gorgeous misty mountains

naebe night