This is why you shouldn’t do drugs.


Pitchfork was a blast for many, but some  took it to the next level. A video recently surfaced on the internet of a man performing a bizarre (mating?) dance on the grass at the festival, sans most of his clothes. *cue snickering*

We’re only assuming the poor guy was on some mind-bending intoxicants, because according to the video’s uploader – the man first tackled a bunch of people and fell to the ground. After which he proceeding to roll around in the grass with some pretty weird facial expressions and such. Somewhere along the way, another (sober) man joined him on the grass in an obvious attempt the mock the guy.

The former was arrested by 10 policemen, according to the person who uploaded the video

And while we can all laugh it off as one of those crazy things that happens at festivals (there’s no denying the LOL- factor of this incident), it has to be said –  people really need to reconsider the drugs they’re doing.