Have you every slept in a Bee hive before? You simply have to check out these new lodging advancements made especially for Festivals. 


Sometimes, you just need a good night’s sleep. Even at a music festival. Walking back to your messy tents after a hard day’s work of rocking out to your favorite artists can be a gruesome task. Comfort takes a backseat and adapting to whatever’s in your zone is usually the way to go. Not any more.



A group of Belgian designers have come up with a new type of sleeping cells that look like a Honey comb.  Each one contains a king-size bed, a warm wooden finish, and a privacy shade to pull down. The stackability means you can fit a bunch of people in a small space, making it perfect for your Bonnaroos, Coachellas and what not.

The quite aptly named B-and-Bee hexagonal sleeping cells each contain a king-size bed that can transform into a lounge seat, with storage space underneath. Lockers, lights and a power supply are also included in the larch wood-clad cells, which can be stacked four high in a diagonal line to accommodate 50 revellers on 100 square metres of ground.



Lightweight metal steps are used to access the upper compartments, following the angles of the hexagonal frame to prevent blocking access to any of the units below.


This exquisite lodging option underwent it’s first trial at the recently concluded Gentsee festival in Belgium, and the feedback for the same is currently still pending.

Whatever the outcome, this new brilliantly designed honeycomb has a futuristic look about it, and certainly looks like a step ahead in festival lodging. Also, more importantly, festival goers can avail a splendid new brand of comfort – to give them a much needed break from all the music.


(Images Courtesy: b-and-bee.com)