This unique event aims to educate people about the effects of drugs. And no, it does not promote its use

The Royal Botanical Kew Gardens in London is currently hosting a festival (till October 20) that could very well be every stoner’s dream come true. This one-of-its-kind exhibition showcases the mind-altering after-effects of certain plants and fungi, and visitors can also welcome to try out the various substances.


The Kew’s website lays out some fun activities people can take part in, such as workshops and tours exploring these substances. There will also be a workshop on the history of drugs like mushrooms, cannabis and even alcohol.

kew gardens_London_142(Kew Gardens, London)

Apart from that, you can expect guest speakers and experts busting myths, theories and stereotypes about drug and alcohol abuse. The three-week event will be held in a hope to raise to debate the legality and illegality of certain drugs.

(Via : BBC UK)