HYTE’s mega party in Sunset Park, Brooklyn this year was one of the rawest underground festivals in North America!

The Berlin based event series brought an All Star lineup for their third party in New York. The party took place in a massive warehouse that was once a hangar. With over twenty four hours of music at HYTE, it was hard to choose, but these eight explosive tracks were the ones that came out on top

1. Orlando Voorn – In Da Jungle (Chocolate Puma Miami Cut) [Played by Ben Klock]

Ben Klock taking the crowd on a sonic journey at HYTE

The name says a lot about this track, it truly brings that wild, tribal flavor to the dancefloor. Powerful drums along with an extremely catchy vocal hook make this track one of those that get stuck in your head. It was unfortunate that last minute visa complications  made it impossible for Klock’s partner in crime, Marcel Dettman, to make it for their highly anticipated B2B set at HYTE. However, That didn’t stop the Ostgut Ton boss, Klock from unleashing a monster of a set early in the night.

2. Floorplan a.k.a. Robert Hood – Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) [Played by Radio Slave]

Radio Slave dropped this re-worked classic during the first of his two sets at HYTE and the energy in the room was palpable. Aretha Franklin’s iconic vocals from the original track accompanied with Techno visionary, Robert  Hood’s stellar production and programming have made this track evergreen.

3. DJ Tonio – Queen (ANNA Remix) [Played by Chris Liebing]

CLR’s main man, Chris Liebing played this belter of a track at Movement in Detroit too. This record commanded the same dynamic response from the crowd in New York during Liebing’s first set. This gripping remix by Anna is definitely going to be rocking more clubs and festivals and festivals all over the globe this year.

4. Bart Skils – Lost Boys [Played by Pan Pot]

Second State Audio’s Pan Pot

Pan Pot’s set at HYTE was unsurprisingly great. The German duo have made themselves famous because of their consistent, hard-hitting sets. The crowd seemed to love every second of Bart Skils’ Lost Boys when Pan Pot unleashed it during the peak of their set.

5. John Acquaviva – La Maison De Fer [Played by Danny Tenaglia]

Danny T is one of New York’s most respected producers and DJs and has made it big globally. Over they years He has played a pivotal role in New York’s nightlife ever since his  marathon sets at the legendary nightclub, Twilo, and then helped bring and establish Ibiza’s super-club Pacha in New York. His all night sets at Output are something you have to experience. He brought the party to HYTE as he weaved through a generous mix of Tribal, Deep, and Tech. It was mayhem when when this track’s trippy bassline engulfed the dancefloor.

6. Marcel Dettmann – Onto (2010 Edit) [Played by Dubfire]

Dubfire with the magnificent Brooklyn sunset in the background. The neighborhood earned its name for a reason.

Dubfire is known for his dark, driving minimal sets. However, his early outdoor set  gave his fans an opportunity to see the more funky, lighter side of Dubfire that he’s revealed a few times like when he went back to back with Sasha and Davide Squillace. He dropped this track a little after The Sun set, and it seemed just right.

7. Sante Sansone “Baby I’m Bastard” (Original Mix) [Played by Kenny Dope]

Long before Kenny “Dope” Gonzales was nominated for a bunch of Grammy awards and became one of the most influential DJs on the planet, he grew up learning how to mix and produce records in Sunset Park (the same neighborhood Brooklyn that HYTE was held at) after he was inspired by the revolutionary music that he heard at block parties in his neighborhood . His bumpin’ House set was the most fun and energetic performance of the weekend. Sante Sansone’s track perfectly epitomized the unforgettable vibe that Kenny Dope brought to the warehouse.

8. Heiko Laux – Fernweh (Decapitated by Flores, Laux) [Played by Dubfire b2b Chris Liebing]

Liebing + Dubfire, a B2B set for the books

There would be no better way to close out the party at HYTE, than to have two of the most in-demand Techno titans join forces. We know that both, Dubfire and Liebing usually play with their own heavily improvised set-ups but they synced perfectly when they played together.They dropped this intense, sinister remix during the tail-end of their performance at HYTE.

(All feature photos courtesy Pablo Bustos Photography)

Damn, it already seems like a long wait for next year’s HYTE NYC!