How often does it happen that the biggest musicians do the strangest, the most annoying, or weirdest things at festivals? The Sherp has picked 8 such incidents that deserve your attention!

1. David Guetta trips the fuck out at Tomorrowland 2014

The darling of all EDM trolls, the video of David staring into oblivion while playing a DVLM track is pure gold! Though he issued a statement stating that he was merely exhausted due to his numerous tours, you have to admit: it was weird as hell!

2. Ben Weasel punches a girl at SXSW

If you’re a guy and you get into a fight with a girl, you maintain your composure. Ben Weasel threw the very word out of the window as he didn’t hesitate a bit in punching a female attendee who was apparently annoying him during his band’s SXSW performance. Chivalry is dead!

3. Nicki Minaj keeps fans waiting for 50 minutes at T In The Park

One thing you do not do is keep your fans waiting. Nicki paid the price for her blunder, as the audience booed her relentlessly!

4. Ashcroft storms off stage at Splendour In The Grass

Just a song into his performance, Richard Ashcroft took flight from the Australian festival’s stage without announcing anything at all. Though the management tried to repair the damage by saying his voice was gone, this was definitely plain weird!

5. Notorious B. I. G. throws bottle at DJ during KMEL Summer Jam

When you’re the biggest rapper of your time (both literally and figuratively), the DJ can’t goof up in front of you. Poor DJ Kap had to pay the price for a situation that could have been handled with composure. But, when have we ever associated rappers with keeping their cool?

6. Axwell talks about tits at Ultra

The former Swedish House Mafia member took some time off his set with Sebastian Ingrosso, and offered to show them their tits, before admitting that they didn’t have any. Hilarity mixed with ridiculousness has never sounded this good!

7. Beyonce throws tantrums at V Festival



The diva made her fans stand for 20 minutes in the rain, and technical difficulties at the festival meant the crowd couldn’t hear much of her. Also, reports say that she banned Channel 4 from recording her performance, enraging viewers around the world. The cost of being a superstar? We think so!

8. Limp Bizkit instigates violence at Woodstock 1999

For a festival that was already marred by various cases of mishaps and other bad things, the Limp Bizkit performance took it a notch higher. According to Wikipedia, the band’s vocalist, Fred Durst, stated during the concert, “People are getting hurt. Don’t let anybody get hurt. But I don’t think you should mellow out. That’s what Alanis Morissette had you motherfuckers do. If someone falls, pick ’em up. We already let the negative energy out. Now we wanna let out the positive energy.”

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