To celebrate World Photography Day here’s our list of the most innovative and talented festival photographers we’ve come across.



It’s no wonder why RUKES is at the top of this list. When it comes to concert/gig/festival photography Drew Ressler a.k.a RUKES is the first name that comes to mind. Ever since the take over of Electronic Dance Music , RUKES  has been consistently documenting the movement (with pictures) as he goes. His style centers around a distinct ‘fish-eye camera angle’, something no other festival photographer really experimented with before him. He has covered countless festivals including UMF (all of them), Tomorrowland and even Sunburn 2013.

Apart from travelling with dance music superstars and snapping pictures, he has a keen interest in food photography as well. You should definitely check out his Instagram.




2. James Marcus Haney

There has been a lot of buzz around this guy lately, known as the guy who snuck into many a music festival (and the Grammys) and managed to make a movie about it. It all started when he was a broke film student with a passion for music and the experience of festivals. He then began sneaking into festivals with fake wristbands, on hand glides (?) and what not. Along the way he managed to capture some amazing footage and gorgeous pictures. Currently, Marcus waiting on his movie to release through MTV and has even been invited to tour with Mumford & Sons as their personal photographer! Find more of his incredible work here.

James Marcus Haney



3. Baron Wolman

Best known for being Rolling Stone’s premier photographer, Baron Wolman’s work is undoubtedly iconic. Wolman’s professional photographic career began in West Berlin in the 1960s where he was stationed with the US army. There he sold photo essays and images of life behind the then-new Berlin Wall.
After leaving the army he traveled to San Francisco, where he started to photograph rock concerts until one day Rolling Stone approached him to be their official photographer. Woodstock ’69 was one of his first assignments and little did he know that the festival he was taking pictures of would eventually become a legendary event, a turning point for counterculture. His photos probably evoke many an emotion from Woodstock Veterans, pictures that offer an insight into an extraordinary gathering of people.

Baron Wolman Woodstock_unseen_



 4. Csudai Sandor

Relatively unknown, but no less brilliant Csudai Sandor is a photographer & photojournalist from Budapest, Hungary. His pictures of last weekend’s Sziget festival are among the best we’ve seen so far as he has managed expertly capture all the different elements of this fun and wacky festival.

Also. Do yourself a favor and have a look at his Tumblr




5. Rudgr

As the senior photographer for Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland & Q-dance and a freelance photographer for National Geographic Magazine Rutger Geerling is another big name in concert and festival photography these days. He captures these gigantic events with precision focusing on the , confetti and general euphoria.  See what he’s upto, these days



6. Samantha Milligan

Liverpool born and bred Samantha Milligan has the acute ability to capture the warmth, colour and frivolity of boutique festivals like The Secret Garden Party and The Wilderness. Her pictures are downright gorgeous and will leave you wanting more. If you don’t believe us, click here.


Samantha SGP2

7. Roycin D’Souza

India also has tons of talent emerging when it comes to photography, with music photography being the backbone. An artist we’re interested in showcasing is Mumbai-bred Roycin D’souza who is a professional lifestyle and editorial photographer who also does quite a bit of music photography. What is really impressive is his ability to capture  bands and musicians in their unique moments of ‘madness’ on stage.



8. Monisha Ajgaonkar

Another established name in the scene, Monisha Ajgaonkar has wowed people with her work. Although wedding photography is her forte, her work in music and festival photography is pretty darn good. She freelances for Rolling Stone India and has also covered quite a few Indian music festivals including NH7 Weekender and Sunburn. We cannot wait to see what she’s got in store for us, this year.

Manganiyaar Seduction - Monisha