The iconic 8th edition of Asia’s largest dance music marathon came to an end this past December, and there was an abundance of new experiences that were showcased at Sunburn Goa 2014. Here’s a short list of the things we learned at the gathering: 


1. The main stage is not the center of the action

We’ve been saying this in our previous reviews, and we’re saying it again. Regardless of the hype and glory around the main stage action that defines a music festival’s roster, one must not flock here without checking out what’s on offer at the other, lesser known stages. Each stage has a charm of it’s own, and the Space Jungle, Cubezoid and Live Stage at this year’s Sunburn gave the main stage stiff competition in terms of the talent on-show.


2. Coming early to a festival has it’s perks

If you think that heading out in the evening, and skipping over to the closing acts is an optimum way to spend your energy, you might as well hand over your pass to someone else. Clear roads to the venue, free activities, there’s so much more to do when you reach a festival early. HERE is the definitive list.


3. Those after-parties tho

The after party schedule for Sunburn Goa gave the main festival a run for it’s money. Jamie Jones, Paul Oakenfold and many other performances dished out at these after parties were incredibly memorable.


4. Thou shall not smoke in public

This year, we learned that the smoking zones designated at the festival are not for display purposes. Cops patrolling the grounds made sure that revellers did not turn the splendid Vagator hill into a massive ashtray.


5. Hiking lessons

We lost a considerable amount of fat on the long hike to the secluded psy-trance stage. Not particularly a great exercise to indulge in when you’re a few beers down, but the view from the peak made it all worth the while.


6. Why Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are the ultimate showmen of electronic music

Headlining Day 3 of Sunburn Goa, the duo showed us why they were handed the responsibility of closing the worlds largest electronic music festival – Tomorrowland. One can say they’ve taken over the baton from the Swedish House Mafia as dance music’s top entertainers. Apart from being incredibly talented DJ’s, they really know how to keep the crowd on their feet. They engage, involve and conquer wherever they go.


7. The Cubezoid is the heart of Sunburn

Sunburn’s unique 3D stage featured the second tier of headliners at the festival. But if you stood in front of it at the festival, you know that it played second fiddle to no one. If you break down the stage performance wise (Shaan & Friends, Sub Focus, Emma Hewitt etc), the Cubezoid was the epicenter of the quake that hit Vagator.


8. India is no longer a minnow of the dance music world 

Over the past year, India has seen almost everybody come down and perform. Although there are a few names that still need to make their presence felt, India has become a fixed pit stop in the calendar of the world’s top electronic music artistes. The Sunburn line-up on show this year has further exemplified this statement.



(Pictures By: Jeethendra Saran