It’s only natural to pair your beer and sausage with some entertaining tomfoolery. Here’s The Sherp’s list of some of the coolest Oktoberfest games 

1. Yodelling competition

When in Bavaria, do as the Bavarians do. Yodelling contests are a common feature at Oktoberfest celebrations.

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2. Beer stein race

This competition tests not just how many steins you balance in your hands, but also how far you can go without spilling a drop. By the way, people, who love to play this game usually like playing at $5 deposit casino Canada as they are so risky.

stein race
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3. Sausage sculpting contest

Yes! This game can be a whole lot of fun. And the best part is that while turning the wiener into a piece of art, you can pop all the chipping and shreds into your mouth.

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4. Chicken dance

Now you can play this game a million ways — play the song randomly and see who breaks into the moves every single time it come on, or just award the best dancer.


5. Giant chess

Since Germans love chess, many Oktoberfest tents offer patrons the chance to be part of giant chess.

giant chess

6. Beer checkers

The rule of this game is simple — the players who beats another a move gets to down a mug of beer. Whoever finishes without staggering, wins!


7. Beer guzzling

This is the most common, as well as the most enjoyable game of all. Participants are challenges to gulp down as many steins of beer as they can. Whoever guzzler the most, wins!

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