The largest music festival is South East Asia brings the party to Vietnam!

The Phú QuốEpizode Festival, the largest of it’s kind, is a bi-annual music festival featuring not just the top international DJ’s from around the world but also a fascinating art exhibition, delicious food and drinks too. The festival made it’s debut in the wonderful land of Vietnam on New Year’s eve, marking the first time such an event has taken place in the country.

Held over a massive span of two weeks at the Long Beach area which belongs to Sunset Sanato Resort, the event captured the essence of a celebration of life. A picture speaks a 1000 words, so we’ll just let the photos do the talking…

1. There Was No Shortage Of Appreciation For The Music.

2. The Party’s Just Getting Started!

3. The Vibe Was Not Lacking, That’s For Sure!

4. You Know The Party’s Going To Be Epic When The DJ Can’t Stop Smiling.

5. Reaching For The Stars!

6. It Ain’t A Beach Party If You Ain’t In The Water.

7. Work Of Art! Even The Fish Came Out To Play!

8. Give Me Some Sugar, Baby!

9. Here’s Where The Magic Happens

10. I Could Stay Like This Forever!

11.  Maayan Nidam Doing Her Thing!

12. The Colour Of Life

13. It Gets Even Better At Sundown.

14. Music Here Goes Beyond The Ages!

15. You Can’t Stop, Not Even For A Minute.

16. With A Bar Like This, A Hangover Is Guaranteed!

17. Walk The Ramp. It’s A Fashion Take Over!

18. I’m Gonna Get Me A Balloon!

19. The Camaraderie Kept Growing And Growing.

20. A Night To Remember!

All Photo credits: Medvedew Vladimir, Anton Ogarev, Mira Morozovapizode Festival)