India is a country with the largest population of energetic youth who are indulged in traveling. However, tourism is not confined as there are middle-aged people as well as senior citizens who are equally involved in traveling.

Food plays a significant role in enriching your experience while exploring the country’s richness with cultural and linguistic diversity. India is popularly known for its diverse food, Rich spices, exciting flavors, delicious aroma, and what not?

Sampling the local dishes has become an integral part of traveling for ages ago.

Let’s delve into the wholesomeness of Indian food that you do not miss while traveling domestically.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani is a meticulously planned dish prepared in traditional earthen pots with raw rice, several spices, chicken, or mutton. This aromatic dish is a slow blend of all the flavor, richness, and delicacy of life in Hyderabad.

One must not forget to fall in the deep aroma and distinguished flavors of Hyderabadi Biryani.

Khandvi- Gujrat

Khandvi is a tightly rolled yellow bite-sized piece essentially steamed out of fermented rice, chickpea, yogurt, and topped with coriander.

Note that this particular dish is found in different Indian regions but is best served in Gujrat, so if you somehow find your way to this land, don’t forget to try khandvi as your breakfast.

Madra- Himachal

The serenity in the air, the mountain dressed in white cotton, and the lush green valley are few things that remind us of Himachal Pradesh. You shouldn’t miss the mega royal surprising dish that Himachal offers; the delicious food called Madra.

This traditional Pahadi gravy comprises soaked chickpeas, roasted spices, yogurt, almond, and coconut. If you plan to visit Himachal, do not miss the readily available food by road vendors, cafes, and restaurants.

Kallappams and Vellayappams

Kerela, the place of beaches, waterfalls, groves of coconut, massive plantation of tea and spices, is famous all over the country, especially for its eco-tourism and sizzling vegetarian and nonvegetarian delicacies.

Kallappams is a south Indian answer to pancakes; it is a fermented dish primarily made with rice flour, coconut, and other organic ingredients. It can be served with any other meal but mainly preferred during breakfast for an energetic start, so you must not miss out on this delicious dish in case you visit Kerala.

Litti Chokha- Bihar

Bihar is the land of Mughal Architecture, monks, buddha, and spiritual and religious learning. It is an epicenter of knowledge during ancient times as you all must have heard about Nalanda university situated in Patna. Coming to cuisine, Bihar is popularly known all over India for its extraordinary dish called Llitti Chokha.

This delightful wheat ball stuffed with powered gram flour, either roasted or dipped in ghee, Chokha is made with grilled aubergines rich in dietary fibers, vitamins, and manganese. This is a must-try dish on your trip to Bihar.

Maake Di Roti sakso Da Saag- Punjab

The glorious land of Punjab is well known for its greenery, generosity in the people. It’s high spirited festivals, and indeed, the undying love for food and drinks. Maake di roti and Sarso da saag is a winter meal made from Maize flour and mustard green.

This sizzling maize flour bread is often smeared with plenty of Indian butter served with mustard green and a glass full of lassi. Mind you! The north’s journey, especially during winter, is incomplete without this wholesome dish.