It’s only a matter of days until the Dutch superstar Armin van Buuren comes to Mumbai! This is the first time Armin van Buuren is bringing his Armin Only tour to India – so you can only fathom how spectacular an experience it is going to be! It’s time to feast your eyes, because The Sherp is giving you an exclusive glimpse of what your senses are about to witness next week:


1. Six hours of euphoric bliss!

Although the tour is called ‘Armin Only’, he won’t be the only one performing. Armin’s six-hour set will be accompanied by a lot more – a concert like nothing India has ever seen before!

935206_526342417427826_953171575_n - Copy


2. An experience beyond belief with live musicians!

Armin will be accompanied by the vocalists who collaborated with him on his album ‘Intense’. A treat for your ears AND your eyes! Have a look:

Fiora performing ‘Waiting For The Night’

fiora at armin only - Copy


Cindy Alma singing ‘Beautiful Life’

cindy alma at armin only 3 - Copy


‘Love Never Came’by the mesmerizing vocals of Richard Bedford

bedford at armin only 1


3. Brother in arms!

A moment that will even make the guys go ‘awwww!’ Armin hugs his younger brother Eller van Buuren on stage 😀

armin van buuren with eller van buuren at armin only intense - Copy

Also, The Sherp noticed an uncanny resemblance…

armin & eller van buuren - collage 01

armin & eller van buuren - collage 02

armin & eller van buuren - collage 03


4. A Flying Sphere on stage

A colossal flying ball will be used on stage for the very first time in India! A world class production with exceptional pyrotechnics and lasers awaits you…

armin only intense 01 - Copy


5. Trampoline, acrobats and a whole new theatrical experience!

Another incredible thing making its debut in India is the use of trampoline on stage, where dancers and the world’s best acrobats will come together – offering a visual spectacle like no other!



6. Smiling ping-pong balls

To make your experience ‘intensely happier’, there will be huge bouncy yellow balls smiling at you while you dance! 🙂