Folks, we are less than 10 days away for India’s first ever Armin Only tour with Sunburn Arena! The Dutch ArmadaArmin van Buuren – is all set to perform in Mumbai on January 24 with a group of magnificently talented vocalists and dancers!

Mind you, these vocalists are in no way ordinary. Each of them has been part of the music industry for several years and they are now at the peak of their respective careers! You are about to witness something truly larger than life this month! The Sherp briefs you on some interesting facts about these singers that you probably never knew! Read on…


1. Fiora

fiora collage - final

Apart from dance music, this electronica nightingale is also an orchestral composer. Her collaborations with Markus Schulz, Arty, Seven Lions and Antillas (among many other artists) are a must-hear! There is absolutely no way you will not be smitten by her voice – and we can bet on that! More recently, she collaborated with Tensnake on his new album with Nile Rodgers:

fiora with tensnake & nile rodgers

(cannot wait to hear this new album!)

Sherp’s All-Time Favorite Tracks: Breathe In Deep  |  Damaged  |  Deep In The Night  |  Days To Come  |  Waiting For The Night  |  Love Sublime  |  Grand Finale


2. Trevor Guthrie

trevor guthrie collage - final

If you think that Trevor Guthrie was discovered by Armin, you’re living a life of ignorance. Trevor was a lead singer in the now defunct band soulDecision. Before Armin, he collaborated with Markus Schulz on his album ‘Scream’. Trevor started playing the piano when he was 3, and played his first concert at the age of 4! What you also didn’t know is that he is fluent in French, Spanish and Japanese.

Sherp’s All-Time Favorite Tracks: Until It’s Gone  |  Faded  |  Strong Hands  |  This Is What It Feels Like (Acoustic)


3. Cindy Alma

cindy alma collage - final

Hailing from Marseilles, France, this beautiful singer and songwriter won a local singing contest when she was only 14! The New Yorker has described her as “Remarkably appealing. The vocal power of Whitney Houston with the feel-good-around-the-edges shimmer of Shania Twain.” Well, no doubt about that! We’ve heard her voice and have felt the strong emotion she pours into each song.

Sherp’s All-Time Favorite Tracks: Beautiful Life  |  Don’t Want To Fight Love Away  |  All I Need


4. Richard Bedford

richard bedford collage - final

One of the most distinctive and unmistakable voices in dance music, Richard’s heart-wrenching chords have belted out one hit after another! He’s best known for his collaborations with Above & Beyond on their albums Tri-State and Group Therapy. Richard has always loved emotional songs in an electronic setting. Depeche Mode and Massive Attack are amongst his favorite bands!

Sherp’s All-Time Favorite Tracks: On My Way To Heaven  |  Love Never Came  |  Stealing Time  |  With Your Hope  |  Thing Called Love  |  Sun & Moon  |  Alone Tonight  |  Every Little Beat


5. Lauren Evans

lauren evans collage - final

Lauren has been around in the music scene for more than a decade! Behind that sensual voice is years of experience in the industry. She has contributed her voice to Disney mainstays like That’s So Raven and High School Musical. Besides writing the lyrics to ‘Alone’ with Armin van Buuren she has also written for artists like Jordin Sparks, Vanessa Williams and Kelly Rowland among others!

Sherp’s All-Time Favorite Tracks: Dream Awake  |  Alone  |  Love Illusion  |   Let This Song Cry  |  Heart Half Empty


6. Laura Jansen

laura jansen final collage - Copy

The petite and pretty Jansen fell in love with classical music at a very young age! Laura’s voice is as pristine and serene as her demeanor. She has sung one of the most beautiful tracks on the Intense album – Sound of the Drums. The Dutch-American singer has released two albums – ‘Bells’ being her debut album, and more recently ‘Elba’. She is widely known for her cover of Kings of Leon‘s Use Somebody.

Sherp’s All-Time Favorite Tracks: Queen of Elba  |  Same Heart  |  Sound Of The Drums  |  Golden


Honorable Mention: Eller van Buuren

eller van buuren - collage 01 final - Copy

Notice that uncanny resemblance with Armin van Buuren? Folks, meet Eller van Buuren – Armin’s younger brother! From Heavy Rock to Blues and sometimes even Jazz – Eller plays it all. In addition to his mad guitar skills, Eller is also a singer, songwriter and a former model! (between 2008 and 2012, he was a professional photo model). Not only has he traveled across the world with his brother for his Armin Only shows, but also for his own solo shows.

Check out the preview of his album – Acoustic Dance Music.


Join them on January 24th in Mumbai with Armin van Buuren and be part of a sensational musical journey:

armin and friends 1

Armin van Buuren will also be performing in Bangalore. Click here for more details.


Mumbai, are you ready for your most INTENSE experience yet? Buy your tickets here.