Breezer SoundHike is giving four fortunate winners a chance to visit one of Europe’s finest festival hubs, which also happens to be home to the most popular festival in the world. The charming country is a tourist’s utopia and the Sherp tells you how you can make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

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Following up on their fantastic EDC Las Vegas programme, the Breezer SoundHike’s festival bonanza continues with Belgium – the country that is home to most popular EDM gathering in the world. The festival takes place at De Schorre, an incredible recreational area in Boom. Situated between Antwerp and Brussels, there’s so much to do while you’re on this all-expense paid trip to this gorgeous country.

1. Adventures galore! at De Schorre 

de schorre

De Schorre is a sensational recreational park where you can indulge in a slew of adventure games such as mountain boarding, paragliding, mini golf and other activities. It is also home to Dreamville, the festival’s humongous campsite. If you’re looking for absolute relaxation, hanging about De Schorre’s vast landscape is the way to go.


2. Antwerp is a photographer’s heaven

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The gorgeous city of Antwerp is situated a mere 15kms from Boom, and there’s no better place to get your tourist game going than this stylish Belgian town consisting of high towers and medieval streets. Check out the beautiful cathedrals and mazy streets while you’re loitering about the diamond trade capital of the world.   


3. Europe’s First Skyscraper 

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The finest sight-seeing spot you’ll come across at Antwerp is at the KBC Tower – Europe’s first ever sky scraper. A terrific panoramic view of the town awaits you atop the structure that’s been around for almost a century and has brilliant interiors designed by Europe’s finest.



4. Make new friends seamlessly


While at Belgium’s finest festival, the wristband allows you to make new friends instantly. Every wristband is fed with information that allows you to share it with people at the festival, and you never know you might just bump into something quite special.


5. Plunge into the deepest swimming pool in the world


You may not think of Belgium as the ideal place to scuba dive, considering there is only 66 km of coastline to explore, but the citizens have come up with another way to allow you to explore all that diving has to offer in the creation of the world’s largest pool The enormous tank contains a whopping 660,500 gallons (2.5million litres) of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water that is kept at a temperature of 30C (86F). Not your ideal scuba diving spot, but surely worth ticking off the bucket list.





Belgium is a traveler’s paradise, and even better if you have an affinity for dance music. Picturesque, cozy and undeniably breathtaking, Breezer SoundHike providing you with an opportunity to experience this in the flesh absolutely free of cost is something that doesn’t come knocking often. You can still participate HERE.