Tired of the mass hedonism of typical, large-scale trance festivals? Here’s a list of five unique festivals from aound the world that combine your love for psytrance with picturesque locations, themes and a more intimate setting. And of course, are sure to be a party you’ll never forget!


1. Momento Demento – Croatia

Where: Near Slunj, Croatia

When: 19th-24th Aug 2015

Momento Demento or Mo:Dem Festival is a week dedicated to ecology. Surrounded by a forest, the location is gorgeous, on the banks of the Mrežnica river, with waterfalls and old windmills dating back to the 18th century. This festival is perfect for you if you’re into forest and darkpsy. The 2015 lineup featured artists like Chris Rich, Dirty Saffi, Dust, Datura, Earthling, Eat Static, EVP. Giuseppe, Tristan, Tron and more. The first two days are dedicated to exploring the surroundings, with cultural activities, a flea market and workshops. Once you ease your way into the environment, you’re ready for five days of amazing psytrance!

modem(Image Courtesy: Momento Demento/Facebook)


2. Satya Festival – Israel

Where: South of Israel

When: Mid-May

Another awesome desert party, Satya Festival attempts to live up to its name. It’s set in the Israeli desert, and the idea is that the isolation and natural surrounding, along with the psytrance music, faces on with their inner truth. A travellers’ festival, it brings together dancers, artists, handicraft-sellers and musicians to a spiritual playground that’s dedicated to exploring oneself. The music also has a more chill, happy vibe to it. Check this video out to see what the 2013 edition was like:


3. One Love Festival – Switzerland

Where: Bella Luna, Filisur

When: July

There might be no place in the world more beautiful or idyllic than the Swiss Alps. Put some psytrance into the mix, and it would make for one of the most scenic parties on earth. In gorgeous Bella Luna, near the town of Filisur, this festival is an annual gathering of music, arts and culture. The lineup is an eclectic mix of psytrance, trance, fullon, progressive, darkpsy and techno artists that travel here from all over the world.

onelove2(Image Courtesy: www.psymedia.co.za)


4. Unity Festival – Israel

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

When: March

Relatively new, Unity Festival is a dreamy haze. In a location surrounded by greenery, neon decorations and great music, it’s becoming known for its insane themes. This year the festival was inspired by the world of mythology and fairytales. There was also a colour war, quite similar to Holi. Featuring artists from Brazil, Sweden, Portugal and many other countries, the lineup is growing with each year. Unity Festival definitely reflects an Israeli spirit of fun, and the country’s love for the psychedelic experience.

unity2(Image Courtesy: UNITY Festival Israel/Facebook)


5. Transahara – Morocco

Where: Near the Moroccan border

When: Around April-May

This Moroccan desert party has always been well worth the travel. Set in the middle of the desert, on the border of Morocco, there is really nothing else like it. The exact location of Transahara is kept a secret, and changes every year. People travel to a pre-established village, and are driven from there to the actual venue. This year’s lineup had names like Ajja, U-Recken and Mathias Meyer. An almost surreal landscape combined with trance music, this festival attracts a more intimate crowd, and promises an atmosphere that’s miles away from that of a commercial trance festival. The 2015 edition may possibly have been the last one, but there are rumours of its possible return!

transahara2(Image Courtesy: Transahara/Facebook)