The special times are the busiest, especially for parents with tots at home. Generally, parents are busy people, even those with no kids. Handling kids alone makes it a struggle for those who do. It consumes time and energy, which, coupled with planning the holiday, makes it stressful. The holiday season breaks many bank accounts as it involves shopping, cooking, dinner, baking, decorating, and quality time with family. Trying to keep up with the list and caring for your kids is overwhelming. Besides, kids also have schedules that need fulfillment, which also loads on your sanity.

This article has wrapped holiday hacks into a saveable and shareable list. So, parents, get ready—we’ve got clever tips on how you can make this holiday season as organized and seamless as possible!

1. Get Organized Early

The first thing to do during the holiday is to organize yourself. Create a list of all the activities you plan on accomplishing during the holiday. Then summarize the list into priorities and negligible activities. You can further divide them into simple and challenging tasks. Start with the essential and easy tasks you can accomplish without breaking a sweat. For example, if shopping for gifts for kids is the first thing on your list, then do that first and then go shopping for important things you’ll use for the holiday activities. Organizing your activities will help you handle things efficiently and prevent the overwhelming feeling from piling up during the holidays.

2. Set a Budget

A budget is the best way to go, especially when you have limited funds. Having a budget will save you the stress of buying unwanted items. However, having a budget is one but sticking to it makes it go according to plan. You can budget how much you intend to spend on food, gifts, and other holiday expenses. In addition, sticking to the budget will prevent you from going bankrupt and ending up on loans. Budgeting will go a long way in controlling your holiday spending. Many people have memorized their credit card numbers, making it easy to spend unaccounted for. A budget will help you stay within your means or even tighten your spending belt. In essence, a budget helps you focus on the necessary activities.

3. Simplify Your Holiday Plans

Many people go out of their way during the holiday season. Besides, people with large paychecks enjoy lavishing money on gifts. The season is not a time to overwork ourselves but to focus and plan on what matters to you and your family. You can simplify your holiday plans into:

  • Something you and your family will need
  • Something you and your family can wear
  • Something you and your family will do for entertainment
  • Something to challenge you and your family’s mind

Having holiday plans will help you enjoy the holidays while keeping stress at bay.

4. Take Some Time for Yourself

The holiday is a time to care about people around us but not to forget ourselves. Many people schedule activities that occupy the holidays but forget to take a timeout for themselves. If you’re in such a category, it is time to rethink and include yourself on the list. Add yourself as a guest on your list and take yourself out for a treat. You can take a few minutes each day for coffee, a massage, or to catch a movie at the cinema. A time for yourself is a time to rethink and replan things, especially when they are getting out of hand. Planning the holidays without a break for yourself will result in stress. Take a time out, and when you’re back, you’ll feel refreshed and recharged to make better choices in handling the holiday activities.

5. Seek Help When Needed

The demand for things before the year-end countdown is stressful, especially when you’re handling everything. When you have a lot on your hands, cry for help. Many people, loved ones, or organizations are ready to lend you a helping hand in accomplishing your holiday tasks. A division of labor will lighten the load and create more time to flex the holidays. A solo parent’s holiday is a full-time job. So it will be easier if you seek help in:

  • Planning ahead
  • Looking for someone to care for your kids while you work
  • Handling some activities and reassigning the rest
  • Creating a clear plan to mitigate stress

If holiday activities stress you, don’t hesitate to seek help from family or friends.