From adult film festivals to a celebration dedicated to fetishes, it’s safe to say that these festivals are all about the sexy times. 

Sex, for many years now, has either been perceived in an overtly pornographic light or shunned as a taboo. Well, not if you’re at one of these places. If you’re as exasperated by this dichotomy as we are, these uninhibited festivals may interest you.

All over the world, there are numerous festivals that celebrate sex in all its glory. Be it through film media, sex toy expos or erotic art, there are many modern interpretations of something as primordial as sex seen at these festivals.   Here’s a concise list of sexual festivals that commemorate everything related to human sexuality.

1. HUMP!

When: October 2016 (TBA)
Where: Seattle, Washington

Curated by sex-advice pundit and gay activist Dan Savage, the October festival showcases home-movie erotica, amateur sex cinema, and locally produced pornography, with entries made specifically for the festival. The films are watched, rated, and awards are given. From James Bond parodies to “a vagina playing the french horn, vegetable fantasies (featuring grape costumes), and some good, old-fashioned unicorn sex”, nothing is too much or too little for this festival. The sex positive, friendly atmosphere welcomes all. With HUMP! hitting more and more cities every year, it may be on its way to revolutionise the way Americans address sex in public. Read more here.


2. Folsom Street Fair

When: September, 2016 (TBA)
Where: Folsom, California

The Folsom Street Fair is nothing like you’ve ever heard or seen before, we can assure you that. The fair takes place in San Francisco during its Leather Pride Week, and it’s a fetish event of all things related to leather, wips and bondage costumes. Consequently, the festival attracts a large LGBT population to participate and experience the iconic fair. Everything related to BDSM culture is either demonstrated or showcased here, with people walking around in costumes that can only be termed as ‘out there’. This article lets you take BDSM Kink Test & Discover all your knicks.

What’s really interesting though, is how the event is actually a non-profit charity through its ticket sales and countless (200) exhibitor booths showcase fetish gear and toys. Read more about it here.


3. Seattle Erotic Art Festival

When: April, 2016 (TBA)
Where: Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s Erotic Art festival highlights the aesthetics of sensuality. This festival celebrates erotic art on all mediums – be it painting, photography, sculptures, erotic book readings, burlesque or even interactive installations and independent short films. A festival that promotes freedom of expression and positive sex culture, Seattle Erotic Art takes place over the span of three days. The festival culminates with a vivacious dance party, known as ‘The Late Night Festival’. If you’re looking for an artistic yet raunchy take on sexuality, this should be your go-to place.


(Images Via: Settle Erotic Art/Flickr)

4. Kutemajrvi Sex Festival

When: July, 2016 (TBA)
Where: Finland

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival is one of the most sophisticated festivals that celebrates the human eroticism. With seminars on sex and sexuality by world renowned researchers/experts, sex-toy expos and adult film stars littering the scenic venue, it’s also one of the most well-known sex festivals. The festival also features some live music, exotic dancers and a beauty pageant called the ‘Aphrodite’ competition – in which the contenders may or may not participate in the nude. This festival brings together thousands of attendees to a quaint little town in Finland.


5. Kinky Copenhagen 

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a city where pornography is completely legal, and it celebrates this fact with flourish. Kinky Copenhagen covers all sexual bases – literally and metaphorically. For those with a penchant for BDSM or any other fetishes, as unusual as it may seem, Kinky Copenhagen has a place for you. Apart from catering to fetishes, this festival makes place for adult films, body piercings/other bodywork and an uber-hedonistic and brazen environment that may resonate with the sex enthusiast within you.


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