The global pandemic has had a damaging effect on most industries. For festival-goers, it has been a complete nightmare.

Experts advise us to practice social distancing and not to have large gatherings to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus. For these reasons, music festivals all over the world have been canceled. There is a glimmer of hope with many people receiving vaccines for Covid-19, however, it looks like it will take a long time for everyone to get their jab, especially for young people. One of the world’s biggest music festivals, Glastonbury, which is held in the United Kingdom each year was canceled in 2020 and they have just released a statement saying that the festival for 2021 has also been canceled. This is not good news for festival lovers. The festival takes place each year in late June so many people expanded that it would go ahead but promoters felt it was still too risky. 

However, there are smaller festivals still planning to go ahead in 2021. Only time will tell if they will proceed, one can only hope. Large festivals similar to Glastonbury are extremely difficult to organize and they can cost large sums of money, so canceling can cause all sorts of issues closer to the date. Many organizers feel it’s far too risky to get investment and to work with sponsorships and bands when there is a high risk of it being forced to cancel.

So, what is it we actually miss about music festivals? Perhaps you are finally old enough so that you are able to go to a music festival without having an adult with you, however, the pandemic has got in the way of you experiencing it. Here are some of the reasons lots of us adore and miss the festival scene. 

The Crowds

Large music festivals have thousands of people gathering all with the same aim. To listen to live music and to enjoy themselves. Of course, good music is vital for every good music festival, however, a good crowd can help create an incredible atmosphere. 

If you have ever been to a large music festival, you may have lost your friends amongst the large crowds of people. Most music festival-goers are friendly, so you can make new friends easily. You can enjoy a dance with a stranger, chat with people from all over the world, and if you’re lucky, things might get romantic. It is not an odd situation for strangers to share food and accommodation at a music festival. Music festivals also attract some really interesting people.

Festival Food

When you think of music festivals, you probably think about alcohol, camping, music, and dancing however nowadays you can find some delicious food from multiple vendors. Large festivals have food vendors that seem to sell lots of different types of food from all over the world. 

It is not uncommon for celebrity chefs to open up food stalls during well-known festivals. Chef Tyler Anderson opened a pizza stall during Glastonbury in 2019. 

The only downside about music festival food is that it tends to be very expensive. To rent an area for a food stall to do business at a popular music festival can cost large sums of money, which is sometimes the reason why their food is overpriced. 

All the Different Stages

Most music festivals have multiple stages with different types of live music and other forms of entertainment. Many people like to organize what bands they would like to see, what stages they are playing, and what time the gig will be going on. However, one of the best things about music festivals is finding a band that you have never heard of and getting into their music. The element of surprise is wonderful at a festival when you see a band that you had no expectations for that you really enjoyed. 

At some festivals, different stages have different genres. Let’s take one of the world’s most famous music festivals Coachella as an example. This festival has five stages:

  1. Coachella Stage: Most music festivals have a main stage like this one. This is the stage where you would expect to see headlines and acts and the most popular artists. 
  2. Outdoor Stage: This is Coachella’s second-largest stage. This also has well-known bands and contains an enormous stage as well. 
  3. Gobi & Mojave Tents: It can get hot during Coachella, so to hide from the blazing sun, many festival-goers like to enjoy a dance and listen to live bands in the shade at both the  Gobi and the Mojave tents. 
  4. Sahara Tent: This tent is known to play constant Electronic Dance Music (EMD) for three days solid over the music festival. If raving is your thing, this is the stage for you.

Apart from the Sahara tent, none of the other tents play a specific genre. Don’t be surprised if you attend a festival that has a ragee, techno, Drum n’ Bass, Metal or even a comedy stage. There are often festivals that have other forms of entertainment including talks, magic shows, comedy acts, dancers, and other performing artists. 

The Atmosphere

If you have never experienced a proper music festival it is difficult to put into writing what it actually feels like. Surrounded by thousands of people dancing, full of positive energy, speakers producing incredibly loud music, and quilty live acts can give you a feeling like no other. 

Tickets are often expensive, and getting time off work or studying can prove difficult, but it is worth it just to experience that sensation alone. It almost feels like the world stops for a while during a music festival. This is why people constantly return year in year out to festivals all over the world. 


There are a few solutions online that will help you during this time. Channels on Youtube like Tiny Desk have created a new section called Tiny Desk At Home where some of the most well-known artists upload videos of their best songs onto the platform so viewers can stream for free. DJs, bands, and solo artists have also been live-streaming their music.

One of the best things that you can do is learn the guitar while you are stuck at home. Many people have longed to be able to play the guitar, so why not give it a go during the pandemic. If your favorite band is the Beatles why not search for beatles chords online and the next time you’re at a festival you can bring your guitar and play hey jude chords. If you’re any good, you might be the life and soul of the party. Learning the guitar is a great way to help people suffering from depression. During the pandemic, mental illnesses seem to be increasing. Playing the guitar is also very helpful for those with anxiety. 

Lockdown has been tough for musicians also. They have not been able to play gigs. On the other hand, this gives them a chance to create new music. It is common for musicians of well-known bands to play 150 gigs in a year, so getting time to write new material can prove difficult. Pandemics don’t last forever, so the future of the music scene when the world manages to get a grip on the virus is bright.