With August, America is ready to play host to a number of small and big music festivals. From this edition on, The Sherp will compile the festivals for two weekends, instead of one. So read on to find out what the first two weekends have in store.

1. WE Fest
Where: Detroit Lakes, MN
When: August 6 to 8

The music festival ringing with the sweet sound of American country this weekend is the WE Fest. Featuring country sweethearts Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, this three-decade old festival has assumed the mantle of being an historic country music attraction. All this in the natural amphitheatre of the scenic Soo Pass ranch, makes the festival a must attend.

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(Image source: WE FEST Facebook)

2. Summer Meltdown
Where: Darrington, WA
When: August 6 to 9

Summer Meltdown is that festival that easily includes every kind of activity that you would want at a festival – great music, scenic locations, camping, activities for kids, workshops and most importantly, the festival styled beer festival. While you sit by the river, you can listen to artists like STS9, Tycho, Galactic, Sol, Slow Magic and the Motet, to name a few. This four day festival will easily make for one of the better experiences this weekend.

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(Images source: Summer Meltdown Facebook)

3. Ink-N-Iron
Where: Nashville, TN
When: August 6 to 9

Our fascination with this brilliant vintage-car and tattoed-bodies festival, with its dose of music was conspicuously covered in this article. But this burlesque-loving, circus drama involving, dress up-playing festival is quirky enough to demand a visit. Plus, if you’re a fan of intricate body art, this is genuine paradise.

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(Image source: Ink n Iron Facebook)

4. Outside Lands
Where: San Francisco, CA
When: August 7 to 9

The lineup of Outside Lands is every bit drool-worthy. Featuring names like Mumford & Sons, Elton John, The Black Keys, Sam Smith, Kendrick Lamar, St. Vincent, Tame Impala and Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, to name a few, the festival has quite easily scored a winning point. This combined with the festival’s various activities, only make it that popular.

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(Image source: Outside Lands Facebook)

5. Arise Festival
Where: Loveland Sunrise Ranch, CO
When: August 7 to 9

Arise is this weekend’s wellness gathering, the kind that will bring mindful practice, healthy living, earthiness and music together on a single platter. So expect a great arrangement of artists chosen to be a part of the lineup, along with wellness exercises like yoga and meditation, while being surrounded by positive vibes.

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(Image source: Arise Festival Facebook)

6. MusikFest
Where: Bethlehem, PA
When: August 7 to 16

MusicFest is downtown Bethlehem’s ultimate city music festival. Not only is it a massive 10-days long event, but its price is extremely low, ranging anywhere by $45 to $140, with most concerts free, while some of the high-profile ones have been ticketed. The festival features a slate of stars from Snoop Dogg, Alice in Chains, The Flaming Lips and Jerry Seinfeld to name a few.

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(Image source: MusikFest Facebook)

7. The Wrecking Ball
Where: Atlanta, GA
When: August 8 to 9

It’s only fair that the festival named after Miley Cyrus’ famous anthem will be as big a hit as the song itself. The inaugural festival, taking place in Atlanta, features a handful of really tight contemporary musicians, belonging to various genres of rock. This includes names like Coheed & Cambria, Descendants, Glass Jar, Desaparecidos and Blacklisted to name a few. The festival also includes a bunch of activities, like the masquerade party.

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(Image source: The Wrecking Ball Facebook)

8. The Peach Music Festival
Where: Scranton, PA
When: August 13 to 16

The Allman Brother inspired and curated Peach Music Festival is notable for its lineup, which features many legendary acts. This 4-day festival taking place in the beautiful Montage mountains, brings in die-hard music fans. Check out our article about the 5 must see acts at The Peach Music Festival.

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(Image source: The Peach Music Festival Facebook)

9. Summerset Music Festival
Where: Somerset, WI
When: August 14 to 16

In beautiful northern Wisconsin, this 3-day mega event will be bringing together an eclectic number of names for a grand music festival. The festival promises the ultimate summer festival experience, and with names like Tycho, Bassnectar, DeadMau5, The Weeknd, Earl Sweatshirt, Carnage, Jauz and Trippy Turtle, very little can be assumed to go wrong.

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(Image source: Summerset Music Festival Facebook)