As we are getting closer to Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, the rumors and leaks surrounding Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are getting more and more concise. This led us to believe that we might eventually get these games.

This February the Pokemon live event will take place where we might be getting information about the new games.

3 Reasons why Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be announced!

D&P Remakes are next in line

The Pokemon Company has followed a very predictable path for the last 25 years. Every time a new console is added to the Nintendo franchise, a pokemon game is released. And after a while, a remake game is released.

Every game, be it Fire red and leaf green or Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. A diamond and pearl remake seems inevitable.

D&P is the fourth-gen Pokemon game. And the last time we got a remake it was of the 3rg game. Now it only makes sense to make a 4th gen remake!

1 console = 2 or more Games

Once again following the Pokemon company trends we can predict the remakes. Whenever a console is released by Nintendo, we get a remake with new and improved features.

Pokemon 25th anniversary!

Pokemon will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this February and it is known to do something grand. They already pulled off a crazy stunt on New Year’s eve. They were having an event from space.

Diamond and Pearl follow themes of space and time. And the New Year event only added fuel to the D&P rumors!

On top of that, it is the 25th anniversary they have to announce another game. Many leaks are hinting towards them and after taking a look at all the above-mentioned points. It seems inevitable!

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