Here’s a look at the latest edition of this gorgeous Australian festival. 

One of the most anticipated New Year’s Eve festivals in Australia, Beyond The Valley just completed its 2015 edition with the end of last year. The festival debuted in 2014, but has become one of the most popular festivals to attract crowds that diverge from mainstream festivals in a short span of time. Incorporating camping, splendid activities, and incredible music in a bundle of a whirlwind weekend, this festival is one of the most refreshing ones in Victoria, Australia. As this latest edition culminated, it left some pictorial mementos behind. We can only hope that the experience was half as good as these stunning photographs. Take a look!


1. The great expanse that is Lardner. 

beyond the valley


2. Some refreshments before the party begins.

beyond the valley 2


3. If there was ever a thing such as sunset porn…

beyond the valley 4


4. Or sky porn, for that matter. 


(Via: @keenojake23/Instagram)


5. This edition of BTV offered luxury camping, with twice the capacity compared to last year.

beyond the valley 3


6. Not to mention the beautiful luxury tents. 


(Via: @callharris/Instagram)


7. Festival fashion sure is a strange thing. 

beyond the valley 5


8. Every festival has crazies, and we love every one of them. Like this individual who is probably soaking it all in.

beyond the valley inthe mix 1


9. This flamboyant pair. 

beyond the valley inthe mix 4


10. This shirtless attendee enjoying the sun. 

beyond the valley inthe mix 6


11. This naive attendee wrestling with the wind. 

beyond the valley inthe mix 8


12. This absolute loner. 

beyond the valley inthe mix 7


13. These jolly totem carriers.


(Via: @brbdoingmaths/Instagram)


14. And this genius effectively beating the heat. 

beyond valley mix


15. When he could’ve just followed her lead. 


(Via: @robtranphoto_o/Instagram)


16. Watermelon, anyone? 

beyond the valley inthe mix


17. Beyond The Valley Festival has decided to emulate Takeshi’s Castle. 


(Via: @yourjisu/Instagram)


18. The essence of music festivals lies within the little memories we create.

beyond the valley mix


19. BTV was pretty dope last month. Weed like to see you again for the next edition. (Teehee.)

beyond the valley inthe mix 3


20. Spread the love, folks. 

beyond the valley inthe mix 2


(Images via Beyond The Valley Facebook and William Zhang/inthemix)