In a strange role reversal, an organisation risks prison time to smuggle 15,000 drug test kits into this massive EDM festival.

The Bunk Police, founded by Adam Auctor, produces Substance Testing Kits, and firmly believes that their products save lives. They say that, “This company’s bottom line is measured in hospital visits avoided, not profits accrued. Right now, the substance culture is filled with deceit and willful ignorance – but it does NOT have to be that way.” They’re doing everything they can to get these kits into festivals, but this isn’t easy, because festivals really don’t want these kits on their premises.

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Festivals risk liability by allowing these test kits in, because this would also mean acknowledging the drugs on site. So the only thing an organisation like the Bunk Police can do is smuggle them in. Adam brought 15,000 of these into Mysteryland this year in Bethel Woods, the site of the famed Woodstock ’69. The intent isn’t to keep people sober, but rather safe from adulterated substances. He passed out flyers at the festival, and let people know that they could come to him to have their substances tested for content and potency.

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