Above & Beyond is a dance music trio that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans, worldwide, with their Indian fans being some of their biggest. A few days prior to their Vh1 Supersonic Arcade tour, The Sherp shows you why they’re worth all the fandom.


1. Because life is truly made of small moments like these!


2. Because they love Breaking Bad, probably more than you do.



3. Because they’re a class apart.


4. Because they let you push the button during their live performances!



5. Because every week they provide you with better and cheaper therapy than your shrink.



6. Because their new album is so bloody good!


7. Because watching three incredibly talented  musicians come together and make an album is quite fascinating. 

8. Because YOU love them so much! (click to know what fans around the world have to say about their Above and Beyond experiences)

above and beyond fam2


9. Because listening to them live can prompt you to do this…



10. The fandom is real, guys.



11. Because of the beautiful and inspirational messages they have for you.



12. Because their unplugged music is beyond extraordinary.


13. Because you simply cannot decide which one of them you love more – Tony, Jono or Paavo.



So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets here!

above and beyond flyer1