For all those who believe festivals are on the fringes of society, replete with scandalous behaviour, and thus totally inappropriate for children, The Sherp is here to tell you otherwise.

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Festivals have always been associated with counter culture, with a we v/s them attitude. Most people who’ve never been to a festival assume it to be the hub of drug and alcohol usage, with some music thrown in for good measure. But with a lot more mainstream festivals coming up with children-friendly utilities, along with festivals that make space for a great family time, it’s time you exposed your child to this aspect of pop culture. We tell you why.

It gets your child accustomed to music

Music festivals are a great way to get accustomed to new music, and it’s no different for a child either. Music, being a sensory affecting module of our lives, affects children as much as it affects adults. And for passionate music loving parents, it’s a great deal to have their children take to the art form that drives their lives.

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Allow him/her to have a choice

What sets kids apart from adults is their lack of pretense when it comes to taste. You can almost always trust children to walk away from the stage if the music doesn’t interest them, even if the music being played is the chartbuster of the year. Music festivals, with their array of options, allow children to cultivate their own taste.

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Festivals are immersive experiences

Most festivals go beyond the realm of art on offer, and deliver a wholesome set of activities that help make them a well-rounded escapade. Take for example, the Sonic Bloom festival, which sees many children in attendance. Along with music, the festival offers yoga workshops, live painting sessions and performance art shows that help keep children interested throughout. Every child will find one aspect of the festival worth hooting for.

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Make children more social

Any child might feel unsettled in the first few hours of the festival, what with the sudden rush of people and sound. But with a little time passing, during which if their comfort is ensured, children too will take in to the positive vibes of the festival. The colours and the music on display is bound to keep them involved. Of course, most festival goers too take to children at festival quite easily.

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Child friendly activities

Most festivals have activities for children to keep them busy, and that only progressively makes their experience a lot better. Along with games and art workshops, festivals which allow children go to great lengths to make their experience worthwhile.

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Make for great family getaways

Family vacations may come with a lot of compromise, but not a music festival. It’s a culturally alleviating experience for everyone involved and with all the music, and the adventures packed in. It also helps families become a single cohesive unit, bringing them closer together.

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Initiates children into your lifestyle

Parents often find their lifestyle heavily compensated with children coming into the fold. With children taking to music festival, it helps unify interests of parents and children both. For example, Marie Tsaasan took her child to the festival she’s been most loyal to – Burning Man, and made a great experience out of it. You can read about her experience here.

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But if and when you decide to take your child to a music festival, remember a few key points

  • Choose a festival, whose music your child has shown some affinity to, in the past.
  • Make sure that you schedule your festival in a manner that won’t be too tiresome for the child.
  • Make sure to keep your child hydrated and fed at all times. Carry your own water for them.
  • Music festivals can get very loud, so carrying ear plugs for your child is advisable.
  • When you arrive at a festival, spend some time familiarising the child with the festival’s surroundings, so should the child be lost, he/she can attempt to find you.
  • Do not ever force your child to spend time at a stage that they clearly find uncomfortable.

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